Olive Oil and Wine Presses Database


The new visualisations for the updated version of this database are currently under construction. When they are finished they will be available to explore on this page. In the meantime, please visit our old website for the existing version of the Olive Oil and Wine Press Database.


About the Database

This database provides information on olive oil and wine presses of the Roman world and was compiled by Andrew Wilson and Annalisa Marzano. It records more than 750 individual presses at over 140 sites. Information is recorded on press location, date, and the number of oil/wine presses present at a site.


Citing the Database

To cite this database please use the following reference:

Wilson, A. I. and Marzano, A. (2015). Database of Roman Olive Oil and Wine Presses, Version 1.0 (OxREP databases). Accessed [date]: