Oxford Studies on the Roman Economy

Series Editors: A.K. Bowman and A.I. Wilson


In connection with the Oxford Roman Economy Project, Oxford University Press has inaugurated a series of publications under the general title Oxford Studies on the Roman Economy (OSRE).

The OSRE series consists of edited volumes as well as monographs. The edited volumes published to date consist of papers presented at OXREP conferences from 2006 onward. Several other volumes of this sort are currently in preparation. Other monographs on a wide range of topics related to the Roman economy have been published or accepted for publication in this series by OUP.

The OUP and the editors intend that the series should have a life above and beyond the limits of the project and are keen to encourage the submission of book-length manuscripts on appropriate subjects in the general area of the Roman economy. These need not be confined to the constraints of subject-matter or chronology defined for the Oxford project itself. More information about how to submit a book proposal can be found in the Guidelines for authors section.


Current titles in the OSRE Series

Several other titles are currently under consideration.


The below list of OSRE publications is available in pdf format, as well as xml and ris formats for download into a reference manager.

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